Radhuny is a state of fashion, inspirational, young and young at heart. Recently refurbished to present to you a ‘fresh’ ambience of chic modernity subtly ‘spiced’ with that warm and familiar ‘Indian’ charm.

At Radhuny the Indian cuisine we serve is an assortment of old and new. Our menu is a sumptuous array of ‘favourite’ Indian dishes of the last 30 years.

Our methods include the legendary ‘Dum Pukt’ cuisine or ‘food of the kings’ created by the Moghuls (Turk Mongols by origin and of Muslim faith). This is a 200 year old style of cooking deemed so spectacular that, until now, only a few places were able to serve it successfully.

The Moghuls were lovers of nature and the good life. They had a keen sense of beauty and a passion for elegance. This was reflected in the delicate flavouring of mouth watering dishes and superb silky sauces.

Radhuny also reflects this philosophy based around the values of traditional Indian hospitality delivered with style, panache and distinction. Food served at its best quality for you to enjoy!

If your favourite dish is not listed on the menu, please ask and we will be happy to prepare it for you.
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